Call anywhere, anytime, for next to nothing

Freedom from the phone company

Call across devices. Never pay for long-distance or international calls. With voice over internet protocol, more commonly called VoIP, the telephone lines never go down. And since you’re already paying for broadband internet, there is no additional connectivity fee. Traditional phone lines are quickly becoming outdated. With tele- and video-conferencing capabilities, it’s no wonder VoIP is rapidly becoming the new standard in communication and collaboration. Velon can get you set up and collaborating in no time.


By having Velon switch you over to VoIP, you’ll get:

  • Clarity – Catch every word with clear, rich audio and video sent over the web.
  • Savings – Save on phone bills and eliminate long-distance and international calling fees.
  • Integration – Integrate all your devices into your communications network. Type, text, Skype and call from your phone, you tablet, your laptop, and your desktop.
  • Brand new features – Decide how outgoing calls are displayed in caller ID. Add instant messaging. Have voicemails transcribed to emails. You can do more with VoIP.
  • Scalability – Expand your plan and configuration but keep your number as your business grows and you open new locations.
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