Rest easy. Velon monitors your network round-the-clock with today’s most advanced cybersecurity tools.

The threatscape is constantly evolving

New malware is created every day. Hackers know how valuable your data is. Adequately protecting that data is not just a matter of your clients’ privacy and satisfaction — it’s the law. Velon cybersecurity professionals keep you in compliance with a constantly changing legal environment. With certifications from nearly a dozen leading internet security trade organizations, we know what will keep you connected and safe.


Velon’s top-notch cybersecurity services offer:

  • Constant monitoring – A team of dedicated experts will monitor your system 24/7/365, identifying and addressing attempted breaches.
  • Regular testing – Velon technicians don’t just wait for breaches to occur. We constantly test your systems and neutralizing threats.
  • Assured compliance – When you handle people’s personal data, you expose yourself to legal risk. Velon keeps you in compliance.
  • Training – We can train your team to limit your risk exposure from phishing scams and other attacks.
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