IT Services for CPA's

The safety, reliability, and accessibility you need to drive customer satisfaction

Confidentiality and convenience are not in competition

You know that running a successful CPA office means more than balancing budgets these days. You work in a highly-regulated and ever-changing industry. A solid technology platform that secures your sensitive and confidential information will keep you compliant as the regulatory landscape changes.

In addition to data security, customer satisfaction requires that CPAs, bookkeepers, and support staff have access to fast and reliable networks to keep up with daily tasks. With a cloud platform and Velon’s round-the-clock, remote monitoring and help desk support, you get just that — all bundled into a Managed IT Services contract. We help you stay ahead in this highly competitive and dynamic sector.


A Managed IT Services contract with Velon gives you:

  • Security – 24/7 monitoring and support.
  • Continuity – robust data backups & recovery plans.
  • Compliance – guaranteed compliance with all industry regulations and mandates.
  • IT consulting – your business needs supported by precision IT solutions.
  • Cloud services – easy anywhere, anytime access across devices to your networks & data.
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