Managed Services

Velon keeps your tech running so you can keep running your business

No more error messages

You have important work to do. The last thing you need is a technological hiccup interrupting your workflow. Our managed service packages keep everything running smoothly, proactively solving issues before they disrupt your business. Plus, certified technicians are always available to answer your questions. With remote and in-office support, we’re here to help.


Velon’s Managed IT services will:

  • Increase productivity – Freed from the stresses and distractions of uncooperative technology, you and your team can focus on the tasks at hand.
  • Improve security – We take a multilayered approach to keeping you protected, and we are constantly testing and upgrading our tools.
  • Support your team – We are always available to answer your call, night or day.
  • Lower your costs – A single hour of downtime can cost your company thousands of dollars. Not to worry. Velon’s constant testing and monitoring of your critical infrastructure makes downtime a thing of the past.
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