Managed IT Services for Health Care

Regulatory compliance and integrated workflows for better patient care

Keep your focus on patient care

Few industries face as complex a set of technical demands as the modern healthcare industry. We’ve worked with private practices and large hospitals throughout the Atlanta-metro region, making sure their IT systems are running smoothly and efficiently, because downtime in healthcare can be a matter of life and death.

With a regulatory environment so prone to change, doctors and support staff can’t be expected to keep up while also keeping completely focused on the health of their patients. We keep the entire IT infrastructure of Atlanta healthcare organizations compliant, reliable, and secure, and our Managed IT Services contract does it all for an affordable monthly fee. See what we can do for you today.


A Managed IT Services contract with Velon gives your practice:

  • EMR – digitize & virtualize your patient & medical records for faster & more secure access over encrypted internet connections.
  • HIPAA compliance – stay compliant with the latest HIPAA requirements as they change in real time.
  • Antivirus Protection – identify & eliminate malicious threats before they spread or damage your practice.
  • Help desk support – a 24/7 support team that’s always available to answer questions and resolve problems.
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